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Who is that?
Huu, crazy, it's me. Oh well, not the smartest shape. But I am glad that I'm an engineer and must not sell "things" with the support of my appearance.

It's enough for the daily discussions and team meetings, and from time to time for some convincing, too.
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And at least something, maybe, for a little bit "smiling".

The 7 process steps of finding possible solutions:
Or how the guy on the top right find sometimes his "ideas" - just click through this.

The sometimes very special humor of engineers:
But also "Non-Techies" can understand it. Believe me, some of this things occured me in my work life - very similar ;-}
Just click here.

I propose each person that is interested in technical english to have a look at this great magazine. There are great topics inside to be explore. Question - Who know something about e.g. "Adaptronik"?

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