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CL - what?
"CLidea" - This word is a synonym containing characters of my name and the word "idea".

Why do you chose such a combination?
During my course of studies I thought that I need my own domain plus email addresses.
But then the question hit the surface:
How would I want to name it?

In my opinion these are all much too long. Aha, now, what about To short, because at that time my knowledge was that at least there must be three or more characters. But today I know that this is not necessary and so I would choose it immediately. But it's already in use - tough luck!

That's why I decided the word above, because this combination should also describe what in my opinion is one of the main keys in life - just to have ideas. Et volià - the name of this domain was born.

And how do you pronounce it?
Don't do it this way: "Cli" "dea" (2 syllables), do it like this: "C" "L" "idea" (3 syllables).

And why is there only a CL in your logo?
Sometimes less is more.

So, what do you want to reach with this stuff?
Today the main key is to find new, creative solutions in the diverse areas. It occurs very frequently that thereby the most different disciplines must meet one another and have to cooperate. Because problem definitions, unimportant which topic area, became so complicated today that this is of a special importance to regard these meaningfully and innovatively. And then to co-ordinate the single disciplines particularly skillfully among themselves. Who this will be learned in the future to control and implement should be successful today and forever. Exactly that's the reason why I studied mechatronics and finished my study successfully in co-operation with this company - regarding this product.

Mechatronics - what is that?
Mechatronics - The symbiose of mechanics, electronics and computer science. But there are also other definitions of this therm. I would express it much rather in such a way - systems, e.g. vehicles, computer, etc... - but also non-technical things become more and more complicated. Therefore it is important to see these problem definitions, which concern these systems, as a whole and with the help of the single disciplines and their experts to find new, creative solutions. That's the goal of mechatronics.

Who are you?
I would peak gladly more in detail (e.g. birthday, places, conclusions,...) over my personal record, but unfortunately the internet has sometimes the bad habit to process detailed informations on completely amusing ways. And suddenly I receiving emails, SPAM, viruses, etc... - thank you for these nice things - I have nothing other to do. This against-striven actually my basic understanding of "mutual fairness", from which I think very much, but some, unpleasant trolls unfortunately do not agree this. So everyone must learn unfortunately such things to accept - me too.

The past career - with heights and lows!
'76 I, Christian Lichtenvort, saw the light in Essen, Germany. It was completely fast clear, what this "chap" must have to learn something practical. How quickly in recent years he could dissembled things, was a true splendour. Only with the "assembling" it folded at this point in time not yet completely so well - broken is just broken. After the attendance of the usual basic school time and the six-form high school (key area technique) is was time to learn the "assembling" the right way. The technicians training - industrial engineer of electronics - main field equipment technology - helped enormously. But what' next - should I work as a skilled worker or should I invest further energy and nervs in order to acquirer more knowledge for me? I decided the second one, what afterwards exactly the right one was. A technical diploma (Fachabitur) helped to receive the "authorization" to be allowed to visit a university of applied sciences.

Unfortuantely then the"dear" German Federal Armed Forces interfered and delayed my start in the student life - thank you very much for this. Now I know, what I want to be never again in life - the last ass in the so-called "command-string" - the very last character - who can do all this fu**ing bad things that no one else want to do. Therefore the study in mechatronics was like a great benefit for me. The FH-Bochum has a very good learning atmosphere - beautifully small and clearly - completely in opposite e.g. to the Ruhr-Uni-Bochum. After quite interesting lectures, practical courses, PASS (practice study semester) and a unsolicited practical course here I completed my thesis (diploma), in order then to hold finally this diploma in my hands. There is nothing more inclined, I imagined.

Therefore I had made however the calculation without the host or not counted on the Mannesmann transfer by Vodafone, which happend at the same time, as I wrote my work. They completely stopped the hiring of new employees for many, many years. So there was no chance to work for them. Now the probably hardest year in my still quite short life followed. Unemployed and to hear from the labour office - Tja, that's your problem - as a fresh diploma holder you get no euro cent. And writing more than 100 application documents and also unite interviews across Germany brought at first nothing.

So a special - Thank you - go to this"little tiny office", who supported me again, and gave me thereby the chance to extend my knowledge within the areas design and development. It is always good to have nice people around itself. I hope that I can return this sometimes in any manner.

Then at the end of February 2004 there was suddenly a further letter of the company Bertrandt in my mail box, which content, that they have now interest in my person - over one year later. After the first discussion at the beginning of March in Munich I received approx. 10 days later the second invitation for a further meeting. Whereby a short irritation arose briefly as I said, that I don't have a"License" in order to be allowed to move vehicles. But there was coincidence, someone can also say fate, that meant it very, very good with my person. Because at the customer (large vehicle manufacture) one eye brow was pulled up once briefly, but given nevertheless green light for my occupation. "That will already be OK" - although there almost must move daily "things" to the testings.

Therefore I will never forgot this these very small project team in the development department. Of course these two project leaders which despite all adverse circumstances confidence into my person. I am sure, without their assistance and support, then these marvelous changes in the past 10 months didn't occured. And I already would not have met again nice people - that's random ;-}

After I successfully got over the so important trial period, I can plan now my life somewhat more surely and setting up my apartment a little better. I must come only condemned still to buying furniture, again.

What will come?
So, now we have the year 2005 and I have finally my "license for driving" and BMW safety training was done. What is waiting then for me, again? I should let me surprised.

So far I know only one thing - the whole life consists almost only of marvelously beautiful "randomess", which make it nevertheless so unmistakable and singular. Sometimes it is necessary to have the courage to open up your heart and let your feelings, ideas, dreams and wishes go as they should go always, to take new things on your to-do list and - yes - to refer a completely clearly position and stand to it. Sometimes very difficult - but not impossible ;-}

How do you find actually your ideas?
Sometimes simply through a chance - mostly however by very lenghty thought processes - particulary if it concerns difficult, technical problem definitions. It is only very important losing in NO case his own humor. A friendly word or just a smile can ease the most distorted situations.

And now?
Hmm - perhaps we meet someday somewhere - the world is sometimes nevertheless not so large and crushing as everyone is thinking. And when this will happen, I would be very happy about a simple: "Hello ..., I am glad to see you. Come on, let's talk about some things." Because I like good talks in a nice and smooth enviroment - there are so much topis for this.

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